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When it comes to home defense one of the most easiest and most effective ways to deter would be intruders or burglars is with a guard dog. Guard dogs should not be confused with watch dogs. Watch dogs main goal is to alert not only their owners of would be intruder(s), but also letting the intruder(s) know that he is there. A guard dog takes it a step further and will actually pursue an intruder, attack, and help defend its home and family.

Guard dogs themselves can be broken down into two different categories, those used for guarding livestock, and those used for personal protection. Today, we will be simply looking at canines best suited for home and family protection.


10. American Staffordshire Terrier

The American Staffordshire Terrier is also sometimes referred to as simply an AmStaff. Most of the time the Amstaff is mistaken for the American Pit Bull Terrier. 

Although Amstaff’s are friendly animals, they are very family oriented as well as loyal to their owner. They will stop at nothing to protect their family if they feel they are being threatened. 


9. Giant Schnauzer

They are called “Giants” for a reason. Their size alone may be enough keep intruders at bay. Aside from their size, they are very smart but may require some training. 

This breed is very energetic so exercise is must. Schnauzer not only enjoy physical exercise but also benefit from mental exercise as well because of their intelligents.

Giant Schnauzers make for good family guard dogs because they are good with children, powerful, territorial, and loyal.


8. Akita

Akita’s posses a natural “guarding” instinct. They tend to be on the quiet side, but if they do detect an intruder they will bark till no end. They can be aggressive, so it is best to start training early, and it is also a good idea to make sure they are watched closely around small children.

Akita’s like to be the “alpha”, so they may not be suited for household’s with more than one dog.


7. Rhodesian Ridgeback 

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a pretty badass dog. I mean it was originally bred for the purpose of hunting lions. So needless to say this breed is fearless.

Although they are known as an independent dog, they are also what people call “lap dogs”, they love to sit with their owners.

The Ridgeback is also great with kids. Due to their strong prey drive, coupled with the fact they are loyal makes for a great guard dog. Although they may require some obedience training. They are not known for barking, so if it’s barking you know somethings up.


6. Komondor

The Komondor may be the most unfamiliar name to you on this list, but if you’re in the market for a family guard dog, then you should at least consider a Komondor.

It’s was originally bred for guarding livestock, but transfers well into the household. They are well known for having great strength, loyal, and for being very brave. They are also very suspicious of strangers. All good traits for a guard dog.

The downside with the Komondor is its coat. This breed will require constant grooming.


5. Great Dane

The sheer size of a Great Dane should be enough to strike fear in would be intruder’s eyes when they meet up with one of these.

Great Dane’s are well known for their size and strength, but what most people don’t known is that they are also very graceful. They are also very loving and can be gentle as well.

Due to their large size they are best suited for larger households, and with large backyards.


4. Bullmastiff

You’d think because of the size of a this breed it wouldn’t make for a decent pet, but this far from the truth. The Bullmastiff although large is much like the Great Dane, as it is very graceful and agile. 

Bullmastiff’s are also one of the most loyal of all dog breeds. Some of the other great advantages of owning a bullmastiff is that they rarely bark, super strong, and courageous. Add all of the features together and it makes for not only a good pet, but a great guard dog. 


3. Rottweiler 

A fully grown Rottweiler can be a scary sight. Rottweiler’s are smart dogs, and also very loyal. They are also very loving, but also very territorial and aim to please, and protect it/and their family. 

Aside from looks, and the fact that that Rottweiler don’t take kindly to strangers make them a perfect fit for personal and home protection.

Rottweiler’s should also be given plenty of exercise.


2. Doberman Pinscher  

Coming in at no. 2 on our list in the Doberman Pinscher. The Doberman is a fierce looking creature. Maybe the scariest of the bunch.

Doberman’s posses all the features in making a good guard dog. They are obedient, fearless, and loyal. They also not only have a mean bark, but will also follow through with it, and go after would be intruders.

But don’t let all of that fool you, they are also very affectionate and loving to their owners.


1. German Shepherd

No. 1 Guard Dog - German Shepard

The German Shepherd comes in at number 1 on our list. The German Shepherd is the perfect fit for almost all homes. They make for great pets and great guards dogs.

The GSD is very intelligent and often the dog of choice for not only police k9 units, but they are also used in the military.

They love kids, and once they establish a bond with a family they are very protective, and loyal.

The only downside to owning a German Shepherd is their shedding, they require frequent brushing.

Add all of this together and its easy to see why this dog is the 2nd most popular dog breed of all time.