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Photo by Hornet Photography

Exotic cats have been becoming more and more popular. One such exotic cat is the Bengal. It is a hybrid version, that was created by crossing an Asian Leopard Cat with a traditional domesticated cat. Contrary to popular belief the Bengal cat doesn’t get its name from the Bengal tiger. The term “Bengal” comes from the Latin name Felis Bengalensis. The Felis Bengalensis is better known as the Asian Leopard Cat.

Different Color Patterns of Bengals

The Bengal cat is one of if not the most popular of all the exotic cats. I believe that its popularity can be larger associated with its appearance.
Essentially there are four different color patterns that they can be. They will be either:

  • Brown Spotted
  • White Spotted
  • Brown Marbled
  • White Marbled

You won’t however hear them referred to as “white” the term “snow” is more commonly used.

Information about Bengal Cats

Photo by Watchcaddy

The most common are the spotted. Of the spotted the Brown’s are more common than snow’s. The rarest of all the color patterns is snow marble.

You’ll notice that a Bengal cat price is a reflection of it’s color pattern as well. Typically, a brown spotted, which be less expensive than a snow spotted Bengal.

Now if you want you can take it step a further has there is different shades of brown. The most popular of the brown shades is the rufous golden brown. Other shades of brown include deep red, golden, sandy, and grey. Different Bengal cat breeders will usually have different colors.

When you see Bengal cats for sale by Bengal cat breeders it’s possible to see a wide variety of prices. This is a result of the markings, and whether the animal is considered to be show quality or not.

I would like to take this time to say before looking at different Bengal cats for sale it’s always a good idea to look for any that need adopted from local shelters first. Due to the rarity of this animal it is unlikely that you find these cats for adoption, let alone kittens.

Different Types of Bengal Cats

Aside from the different colors, shades, and marking patterns on these cats. There is also another factor to consider when looking for Bengal cats for sale. Bengals are classified under different generation(typical F1-F4). All this means is how many generations it is from an original crossing. Most owners will want to look for one that is a F4. These will have less dominant tendencies, have a more gentle temperament, and an overall better personality. To assure that your exotic cat has gentle temperament rather than wild tendencies you want to get. The other generations (F1-F3) should be left for to those will more knowledge, and time to handle them properly. Bengal cat breeders will usually have some of these generations.

Bengal Cat Prices

The prices of these exotic cats usually range from $1500-$3000. Of course you may find some cheaper or some more expensive. Different factors will play into the cost of your pet. Things like its generation (F1-F4), its color, and its marking and influence the price of these animals.