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Chances are, if you are reading this then you are looking for miniature pigs for sale. You probably have a bunch of questions about these little guys as well. Probably the most common questions are, how big do full grown teacup pigs get, how much are teacup pigs, and ultimately teacup pig price.

Hopefully this article will shine some light on these things as well as a few other things, and should help you in deciding if owning one of these little micro pigs is right for you.

Contrary to popular belief, pigs are very clean animals. They also get along with other pets, and are great with children. Socialization of your piggy is always recommended too.

Different Types

If you’ve done any research or searching online before you’ve probably noticed that there is a bunch of different names/varieties that they go by. Most of these are nothing more than a term that is giving to them by the breeders, and usually is an indicator of their size.

These small pigs are also referred to as the follow: miniature pigs, mini pigs, micro pigs, teacup piggies, pocket pigs, and nano pigs. Some breeders even take it a step further with terms like micro mini and super micros.

Teacup Pigs For Sale

When you are shopping for your piggy make sure that you are actually getting a “real mini pig” and not use a pot-bellied pigs. Pot-bellied pigs are usually much cheaper in price. So, how much are teacup pigs? Prices will fluctuate, but I would say the going rates start at $750+. Anything less than that should make you suspicious, of it not being a true mini. Real mini pigs are rare, hence the high price tag. Check out our list of breeders here.

Micro Pig

Photo Courtesy of Wee Mini Piggy Farm

How Big Do They Get

Micro pigs came about through the process of selective breeding from the runts of litters.

A real, legit miniature pig should get to about 15-25 lbs. There have been some versions known to get heavier yet, to the upwards of 45-65 lbs. It’s best to check with the breeders to see pictures and the weights of the parents as this should give you a good indication of how big yours will get. Make sure you known exactly how big your piggy will get before you commit to buying.  There have been reports of people buying certain piggies under the assumption that they would remain the size they were as babies.


New owners have a tendency to over feed their new addition. These piglets are very small and the truth is, they don’t need much food. Be sure not to feed them cat/dog food either. Stick to food especially formulated for micro pigs. Notice I said formulated for micro pigs, normal pig food contains ingredients to added in growth and to put on weight.

It is best to establish a regular feeding schedule. For example, give a little food in the morning, and then a little more towards evening. And always make sure your piglet has access to water.

You can give them treats such as fruits and vegetables, but make sure you you keep the fruit limited.


Since pigs are smart, training them is no problem at all. Pigs can be trained in the same way dogs are. It’s a good idea to name your mini pig as well, they will recognize their name and will come when called.

They can be trained to do certain tricks as well. Simple praise them and reward them when they do good.

Potty Training

As you probably already know, pigs are very intelligent animals. Potty training your mini micro should be super easy. When it comes to potty training you a couple options. You can train them to either go outside or use a litter pan. If you choose to use a litter box make sure that it is shallow enough that your mini pig can get in and out easily. Your teacup pig will always like to go potty at the same spot. This makes it super easy to train them.

Image Courtesy of R. Elzey - Flickr